Unique hostels network

A non corporate network of unique and like minded hostels. We share the perspective that big OTA's are destroying the backpacking way of life, inflating prices and lowering the quality of hostels.

Passion for hospitality

We also share the passion for hospitality – while in the network, you'll not only be welcomed as a friend, but will be right at the source of the best insider information for the Balkans that there is – each of us is an expert in their area and country.

We will help streamline your travels

We will help streamline your travels, saving you time and money and raise the quality of your experience while traveling the Balkans, a very specific region of Europe. Each hostel in the our network has outstanding ratings on the big portals – from tripadvisor to hostelworld, booking.com etc.

Quality and good experience

One of the prequisites to join the network is a distinguished level of quality, which is what we offer. We are mostly small hostels, each of us is personally engaged in the daily life of the house, which guarantees a good experience.

Direct booking

Backpackers and hostels don't need a middleman to facilitate bookings – book directly with us and it will make things betteer for the entire traveling community and spread the word.