Mavrovo is the largest national park in Macedonia. Once a person enters the park, the opportunities for relaxation or recreation are endless.

Set in the breathtaking scenery, amid grassy plateaus and snowy peaks of the mountainous region of western Macedonia, it is the frosting to the cake called the Macedonian outdoor experience..

Place to visit

  1. Mavrovo Lake

What first comes to mind when picturing Mavrovo, is the beautiful lake carved in between the mountains.  The water is crisp and calm, where you can enjoy swimming and kayaking, as well as boat fishing and sunbathing to your heart’s content. A centerpiece of the lake is the half submerged Saint Nicholas church. It is still somewhat preserved and entirely accessible when the water falls back later in the summer.  

  1. Hiking trails among the mountains 

Huge peaks overlook the park on all sides offering many mountaineering possibilities. All of Mavrovo’s peaks are worth seeing, but Golem Korab stands as the tallest mountain in Macedonia at a height of 2764m. 

The trail to reach the peak of Sandaktash at 1980m is located just behind the Vertical Hostel, with wonderful views of Mavrovo Lake and other mountains nearby. 

One of the favorite reasons to visit Mavrovo National Park is the ski center Zare Lazarevski. A variety of different skiing and -snowboarding opportunities are offered at the center. During the summer months, the trails are perfect for hiking. 

If you are just looking for a short, but great hike be sure to stop by Mavrovo Falls.

  1. Macedonian traditional villages and monastery’s 

If you take the road upwards from Mavrovo, you will arrive in Galichnik. This village is the most renowned in terms of Macedonian culture and tradition. The road to Galichnik itself is a beautiful and scenic roads that cuts through forests and hills.