Nis is the third largest city in Serbia and it is known to be " Older than the Bible" because it dates back from 3rd century B.C. which makes it one of the oldest cities in the Balkans. The name was given after the river Nisava (Naissa) by Kelts. Due to its geographical position is often called "the gate" of West Europe and Middle East the intersection of the Balkans.

The city of turbulent historical past, today offers a pleasant, memorable experience. If you decide to visit Nis, you can enjoy sightseeing of cultural and historical monuments, such as the Fortress, Mediana Archeological Site, The Archeological Hall of Nis National Museum, the Skull Tower and Concentration Camp from the Second World War.
For nature lovers there are the magnificent mountain ranges of Suva, Svrljig and Selicevica mountains. There you can go hiking, paragliding, climbing, canyoning and caving.

"Enjoyment has no price" (Merak nema cenu) is a saying that best describes the temperament and the spirit of people from Nis when it comes to having fun. Nis will exceed your expectations with excellent kafanas offering traditional food and live music. Also there is international jazz festival Nisville which takes place in august and lasts for 4 days.

People of the South are proud of extending a warm and friendly welcome to everyone whom they meet.

So come and stay with us.